Official Website of Taraka, Lanao del Sur, Philippines

Socio-economic Profiles.

Some residents of the Municipality of Taraka find their means of living through self-employment either by small or medium enterprise of their own. However, with its basic feature as an agricultural land, many of Taraka constituents find their source of living from agricultural practices and agro-fishing. Being a fourth-class municipality, it has at least basic infrastructures and facilities that are readily available to be utilized by the constituents.

Templates below further show details of the socio-economic profile of the municipality.

Crop Area Planted
Rice Different Areas
Corn Different Areas
Root crops Different Areas
Vegetables Different Areas
Fruit Trees Different Areas
Bamboos Different Areas


Educational Facilities
Type Quantity
Secondary School 5
Elementary School 8
Primary School 3
Municipal Library 0


Health and Welfare
Type Number
Physician 1
Health Personnel 3 RHMs
Barangay Health Worker 25
Ambulance 1
Barangay Health Center 3
Self-help Barangay Station 5 (to be improved)




Transportation Facilities
Type Number
Jeepney 10
Tamaraw FX 25
Trucks 8
Boat 5


Sports Facilities
Type Number
Mini-gymnasium 6
Multi-purpose Hall 9
Basketball Court 7
Volleyball Court 6


Irrigation and Post Harvest Facilities
Type Quantity
Hand Tractor 2
Corn Sheller 1
Thresher 3
Solar Dryer 12
Warehouse 7
Miller 0
3 in 1 Combine Harvester 0


Communication Facilities
Smart Communication Inc.