Welcome to the Municipality of Taraka, Lanao del Sur

Description Quantity
Ethnic Group 99% Meranao
1% Other ethnic groups
Region ARMM
Province Lanao del sur
No. of Barangay 43
Total Land Area 43 540 has.
Income Classification 4th Class
Development Classification Rural
26 379*
12 899*
13 480*
No. of Households 3 298*
Average Family Size 6*
Annual Growth Rate 5.85*
Crime Rate 2.40*
Annual Income (IRA) Php 60 922 528.00
Principal Dialects Meranao
Distance from Marawi City 28 km
Climate Cloudy sunny & rainfalls
Soil Fertile
Geographical Location At southeast of Lanao del Sur

North: Municipality of Mulondo
South: Municipality of Tamparan
East: Municipality of Maguing
West: Lake Lanao