Official Website of Taraka, Lanao del Sur, Philippines

Physical and Demographic Data.

Taraka is one of the coastal towns of the Province of Lanao del sur which is located at its south-east portion. It is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Molundo, on the south by the Municipality of Tamparan andLumba Bayabao, on the east by the Municipality of Maguing and on the west by the Lake Lanao. It is about 28 kilometers away from the Islamic City of Marawi to its Municipal Hall. Specific details of its demography are as follows:

Description Quantity
Ethnic Group 99% Meranao
1% Other ethnic groups
Region ARMM
Province Lanao del sur
No. of Barangay 43
Total Land Area 43540 has.
Income Classification 4th Class
Development Classification Rural
28 361*
14 035*
14 326*
No. of Households 3979*
Average Family Size 6*
Annual Growth Rate 5.85*
Crime Rate 2.40*
Annual Income (IRA) Php 60922528.00
Principal Dialects Meranao
Distance from Marawi City 28 km
Climate Cloudy sunny & rainfalls
Soil Fertile
Geographical Location At southeast of Lanao del Sur

North: Municipality of Mulondo
South: Municipality of Tamparan
East: Municipality of Maguing
West: Lake Lanao

*Subject to 2007 census result