Posted on September 14, 2022 · Posted in Activities

The Ministry of Interior and Local Government Bangasamoro has been pursuing its Newly Elected Orientation (Bangsamoro NEO) Program for the newly elected officials. It is in line with the Ministry’s mission of capacitating BARMM LGUs to become inclusive, participatory, responsive and accountable institutions that promote peace and resilient Bangsamoro.
The Sangguniang Bayan of Taraka presided by Vice Mayor Hon. Nashiba Gandamra-Sumagayan together with the 8 SB Members, ABC President, SK President, SB Secretary and MLGOO underwent the Bangsamoro-NEO 2-day Training and Orientation on Local Legislation.
Aside from the series of workshops, the SB Members also had its Mock Session.
The Sangguniang Bayan team of Taraka was grateful of the opportunity given by the Ministry as the training improved their skills and knowledge in local legislation. They are likewise grateful of the full support of Mayor Hon. Atty. Amenodin U. Sumagayan for his support.